Gainers of 2015

How thought leaders ended up as winners of 2015

The big story of 2015 was that the mid-cap stocks have decoupled themselves from the large caps. Traditionally, the mid caps have tended to underperform the large caps in a falling market. But 2015 was an exception. The large cap Sensex fell by 5% during 2015, but the mid-cap index gained by 6%. It is hard to say if this is the beginning of the decoupling trend. But there are some stories that stand out in 2015. Continue reading “Gainers of 2015”

The Stock Market is Always Right

A successful self trader – Rule # 29

All your trading strategies should be based on this premise! It does not matter if the price on the screen is logical or illogical. It also does not matter if your reasoning sounds more logical than the market. For a trader, there is no greater truth than the tape. As long as you build your strategy around this premise, you are more likely to end up on the winning side. Else, you end up on the losing side. Continue reading “The Stock Market is Always Right”

4 Stock Market indicators that every investor needs to look at…

In a stock market lingo that is dominated by Price earnings, growth, ROI, Price Book etc, investors tend to overlook a few critical indicators which can give a very distinct picture of the underlying trend of the market. Here are four such indicators that every investor needs to be aware of and monitor closely… Continue reading “4 Stock Market indicators that every investor needs to look at…”

Valuation questions.

What every Indian investor needs to ask…

After touching a peak of 9122 in March 2015, the Nifty has drifted in a range of 1000 points. Typically, any move closer to the 8000 level has attracted buying support and any move closer to the 9000 mark has attracted selling. It is time to ask a pertinent question. Are current valuations for Indian markets justified? Or are we thriving on hope? Continue reading “Valuation questions.”

Emerging Markets – Are they finally losing their old-world charm?

For the past 50 years since Sir John Templeton discovered emerging markets, they have been a must-have in every global portfolio. They have given above-average returns, diversified asset classes and opened up new frontiers. All that may be changing as emerging markets lose a lot of their old world qualities. In an incisive article in Bloomberg, Mohammed El Erian, the man who built bond trading at PIMCO, raises some interesting questions. Continue reading “Emerging Markets – Are they finally losing their old-world charm?”