The Power Shift

It is shifting back from emerging markets to developed markets…

Since the term BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) was first coined in 2002 by Goldman Sachs, the story of global growth has been the story of the rise of emerging markets. While Russia was driven by oil and Brazil by commodities, China and India were driven by the demographic dividends of their billion plus populations. But things are suddenly changing in the last 3 years… Continue reading “The Power Shift”

No excess can ever be permanent

A successful self trader – Rule # 25

In the last 20 years we all have learnt one basic lesson. No excess is ever sustained, either on the upside or on the downside. This applies to stocks, sectors as well as to overall markets. Be it technology quoting at 100 times earnings in 1999 or real estate stocks being valued on land-banks in 2007, it is one and the same! A real profitable trade starts when you can identify this excess, and time it right!

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What more you need to know about your income tax returns…

There is enough literature on how to file your income tax returns online. Hence, we will not focus overtly on that point. Currently, assesses with income exceeding Rs.5 lakh per annum need to necessarily file their tax returns online. If your income is below Rs.5 lakh per annum, you can choose to file your returns either online or physically. However, in the light of the advantages of filing returns online, it is advised that even those with incomes less than the threshold should necessarily file their RR. Continue reading “What more you need to know about your income tax returns…”

What will Fed do?

September focus will be on Janet Yellen

In the last Fed meet, they did nothing on interest rates and the question is what has changed in the last 2 months. Frankly, but for an additional bout of volatility in markets, nothing much has changed. US growth continues to flatter with marginal positive surprises. Inflation continues to stay low due to cheap crude and cheaper commodities. The US continues to attract capital flows from risk-off trade, which has been the investment theme over the last 2 months. So what does all this mean for the Fed decision on rates in September?

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How To Grab That Secret Stock Multibagger

A successful self trader – Rule # 21

You must be aware that certain stocks have turned up incredible performances over the years. Had you invested in the Infosys IPO, appreciation would have been 85 times in 6 years. TTK Prestige had moved from Rs.105 in 2007 to Rs.4500 in 2012. A relatively low profile Bharti listed and went down to Rs.18 in 2002. By 2006, it was quoting at a whopping Rs.900. How do you identify a multi-bagger? Continue reading “How To Grab That Secret Stock Multibagger”