Market Triggers

Three key sectors could drive a Nifty Bounce from here…

After the rabid correction in January, the markets seem to be finally returning to a semblance of normalcy. The trigger may have been the slightly dovish language of the US Fed in its recent FOMC analysis. That raises the hope that the Fed may not actually hike rates in March and put it off to the second half. The question is; if the Nifty bounces from here what sectors could be the driving forces to focus on? Continue reading “Market Triggers”

Why the Greek problem is far from over…

Over the last few days, there is a sense of euphoria in the global markets due to the belief that the Greek problem has been resolved for good. India has been no exception and the Nifty has celebrated the resolution of the Greek problem by jumping nearly 300 points. The question, however, is whether the Greek problem has actually found a solution? Or is it that just the inevitable has been postponed and markets worldwide are celebrating too early? Continue reading “Why the Greek problem is far from over…”

Valuation questions.

What every Indian investor needs to ask…

After touching a peak of 9122 in March 2015, the Nifty has drifted in a range of 1000 points. Typically, any move closer to the 8000 level has attracted buying support and any move closer to the 9000 mark has attracted selling. It is time to ask a pertinent question. Are current valuations for Indian markets justified? Or are we thriving on hope? Continue reading “Valuation questions.”

Tackling volatility

What should be your strategy in these volatile markets…?

The market index, like it happens so often, does not tell the whole story. From its peak, immediately after the Union Budget, the Nifty has corrected close to 13%. But, scratch the surface and the real story starts unfolding. You have companies like Sun Pharma, Lupin, and Asian Paints that have corrected over 20% during the same period. Private Banks have been through a similar ordeal. I am not even talking about PSU banks, which have lost half of their value. What does this mean for investors and how to approach markets? Continue reading “Tackling volatility”

No more rate cuts?

Was that the hidden message in the RBI credit policy?

Why were markets sorely disappointed with the RBI credit policy? To be fair, the markets were expecting a 25 basis points cut in the interest rates and that is exactly what Dr. Rajan delivered. The real story was possibly hidden behind the reams of data and text that comprised the credit policy. The message was that India Inc should forget about further rate cuts. Continue reading “No more rate cuts?”