Implications of GST for your investments

With the GST going live on the 01st of July, it is essential to understand the larger implications. You may wonder what could be the impact of an indirect tax on your investments, but you will be surprised to learn that there is a very strong correlation. The GST will impact the way you plan your finances, the way you transact your investments and the way you create your investment strategy. Here is how your investments will get impacted by the GST implementation. Continue reading “Implications of GST for your investments”

GST Launch

Why the government must go ahead on schedule…

With the GST launch date of July 01st fast approaching, the jury is still out on whether Indian business is prepared for the launch. Frankly, there are no clear answers and one will know only once the entire GST is implemented. There are, in fact, 4 key reasons the GST Council must go ahead with a timely launch. Here is why… Continue reading “GST Launch”

Four equity themes that will drive markets in 2017

Year 2017 promises to be a challenging year for equities. Firstly, India’s GDP growth may struggle to reach the 7% mark for the full year. That will bring a lot of old-economy company valuations into question. Secondly, US-oriented businesses will be trying to absorb the signals coming from Donald Trump on outsourcing, pharma audits and border tax. Thirdly, oil prices could finally show strength during the year and that will determine the fortunes of many Indian companies in the year. Lastly, two critical trends will drive Indian markets in the year 2017. Demonetization has set in motion the process of digitization and we will see greater convergence of payments banks, telecom companies and NBFCs. This process of digitization will be a key theme to play on in the coming year. Additionally, the passage of GST will be a major push for the coming year. Although the implementation will happen in July 2017, the impact will be felt in the coming year for sure… Continue reading “Four equity themes that will drive markets in 2017”