Union Budget 2018

What are the key expectations of capital markets

There has been a close relationship between capital markets and the Union Budget. The market normally tends to react sharply to key announcemens in the Union Budget. There are 4 key areas where the capital markets are expecting some major announcements. Continue reading

Union Budget 2018

What are the expectations on the direct taxes front?

Normally, the real area of interest in any budget is on the tinkering of rates as far as direct and indirect taxes. With GST, the scope for tinkering of indirect taxes is quite limited. The focus will now entirely predicate on direct taxes. From a thematic perspective, the last budget before elections has a strong populist tinge and this budget could also be more favorable towards the common taxpayer. There are 3 broad direct tax themes that we foresee Continue reading

Union Budget 2018

What could be the key themes of the Union Budget?

The Union Budget 2018 could be quite interesting in more ways than one. Firstly, this will be the last full budget that the NDA government will present during their current term. The next budget will be a vote-on-account ahead of the general elections. What could be the big thrust and theme of the budget? Obviously, Arun Jaitley would like to sign off with a bang. Here are 3 big themes that we foresee
Continue reading

Stock Market analysis – Year gone by for 2017

The year 2017 has been a good one for the equity markets overall. While the index by itself gave very attractive single-year returns, the real action was in the mid-caps and specific stock stories. Let us look at some critical sectoral and thematic stories and see how they reflect on the market overall during the year gone by… Continue reading

Precautions to take before trading on the internet

Internet trading has picked up in a big way across India with nearly 20% of the trading volumes being accounted for by the internet. That is hardly surprising. Internet trading is cheaper, it is quicker and it is a lot more transparent. Having said that, it is after-all driven by technology and hence you need to exercise caution while trading on the internet. Here are 10 precautions you must use while you trade on the internet. Continue reading

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