Benefits of opening an online trading account with Religare Broking

The demat account helps you hold your shares and other securities. But where do you trade them? If you want to buy a stock or if you want to sell the stock, where do you turn to? The answer is your trading account. The Religare Broking Online Trading account combines a number of key features:

  1. It is a 2-in-1 account with both trading and the demat account seamlessly linked to each other. The online broking platform also offers online bank transfer facilities with a plethora of banks in India as well as through a payment gateway.
  2. All transactions of buy and sell in the cash market, equity futures market, equity options market, currency futures market can be executed through the online trading account itself. The common interface can be used for all these purposes.
  3. Religare provides top-of-the-line research facilities to enhance your trading and investment performance. For example, very focused ideas like Technical Recommendations, Alpha ideas and long-term investment calls help you a long way in enhancing the performance of your portfolio

Get the Religare advantage with the online Trading account:

The Religare Broking trading experience is backed by a very high-end specialized technology back-end that ensures a high powered performance. Secondly, the technology also has redundancies to the extent that your trading engine will work under all conditions. The entire trading account interface has been designed in such a way as to help you navigate from input to output with the minimum number of clicks.

Apart from the robust technology behind the trading engine, there are some additional benefits that the Religare Broking trading platform will offer you:

  • In your first month after you start trading with Religare Broking, you are entitled to a 50% brokerage credit for 1st month. Effectively, for first month, you would be getting upto Rs. 500 brokerage credit in your account.
  • When you open a trading account with Religare Broking, you are allotted a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to help you through the trading experience. From understanding research to helping you decide what stocks are right for you to helping you with stuck positions or even with technology-related issues; the RM is always available to support you.
  • Quite often you may be either having internet downtime at your home or office or there may be those rare occasions when the trade engine may face crowding problems in the last hour. Religare has a dedicated Call-N-Trade facility wherein you can call upon the telephone lines, identify and authenticate yourself and get your buy or sell trade executed without any hassles. This is a back-up to your online trading experience.
  • There is also a dedicated customer support that will guide you through the trading process in case you face any hassles. This facility can be accessed by you at any point of time and from anywhere in the world. The idea is to enhance your trading experience and ensure that it is smooth and seamless.

To open 100% Free Trading Account with Religare Broking, Click Here:

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