Trading Rule – “Always Focus on Your Real Returns”…

Real return is a simple idea, most people fail to appreciate. Eventually, the real return you earn matters i.e. return after inflation. Nothing steals your investment value as much as inflation over a period of time. Not including inflation into your workings can give an erroneous and an extremely misleading picture of your investment health. Get a hang of real returns for that is what you really earn on your assets. It is all about getting real. Continue reading

Financial Planning and its Benefits…

Today, the best way to begin your financial journey is through a financial plan. But, what exactly is a financial plan and what is the process that financial planning entails? As the very name suggests, it entails planning and therefore it is futuristic. Secondly, it is financial which means it translates and expresses everything in monetary terms. Let us now look at a more chiselled definition of Financial planning… Continue reading

Rupee weakens – Why this could be a blessing in disguise for India…

Back in December 2016, the INR had corrected to around Rs.68.5/$. At that point of time, most analysts were expecting a level of Rs.72/$, which would have been reasonable from an REER point of view. However, as the US Fed became more dovish and the impact of demonetization was quite tepid, the INR appreciated all the way to Rs.63.5/$. In the last one week, the INR has slightly weakened to the 64.5/$ mark. While this may be a small shift, it could still be positive for markets. Let us understand why… Continue reading

Two Wheelers – Is Bajaj Auto losing out on the domestic game?

When Bajaj Auto announced its global tie-up with Triumph International of UK, it was not just a strategic link-up. It was also a tacit admission by the company that it was rapidly losing its market share in the domestic market. The Triumph deal will enable Bajaj to manufacture Triumph motorcycles in India using its low-cost skills. It will also ensure Bajaj’s presence in the entry level, mid-level and the premium segment of two-wheelers. But there is a bigger story behind this… Continue reading

Markets Crack

Is it temporary, or is there a deeper market issue?

The Nifty and the Sensex lost close to 3.5% during the week. The real matter of worry was that on each of these days there was absolute lack of buying support at lower levels. Of course, there have been concerns over valuations for quite some time and at the level of 10,000, the Nifty was bound to show some profit taking. But the real worry is whether this is an indication of larger things to come. Continue reading

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