How will the Vodafone-Idea merger impact telecom sector?

The merger of Idea and Vodafone was already being discussed for quite some time. When it was announced on 20th March, it was merely a reiteration of the expectation. Strategically, it will position the merged entity as a formidable force in the competitive telecom industry. It will give the merged entity the heft and the dominance to take on the might of Bharti and Reliance Jio. Here is how it could impact the telecom industry in a big way. Continue reading “How will the Vodafone-Idea merger impact telecom sector?”

Crude Oil Prices

Where exactly is crude oil prices headed from here?

The price of crude has had a volatile period since the beginning of 2016. After touching a low of around $30/bbl in early 2016, crude bounced back sharply to almost the $45 level. It was only post November that Brent Crude actually breached the $50 mark decisively and perched closer to the $56 mark. However, over the last few days, the price of Brent is back to around the $50 mark. Where exactly is Brent headed and what could determine the road ahead for crude? Continue reading “Crude Oil Prices”

FPI Inflows

Why they could now make a serious comeback…

Between October 2016 and January 2017, Indian markets saw FPI outflows to the tune of Rs.80,000 crore ($12 billion). These outflows were driven by the fears of demonetization and the expectation of a Fed rate hike. FPIs were also worried about corporate numbers. All that looks set to change… Continue reading “FPI Inflows”

RBI Rate Cuts

It looks unlikely, at least, till June this year…

A day after the inflation data and the US Fed announcement, the big question reverted back to the RBI stance. The primary question was once again the same; will the RBI cut repo rates in its April 2017 monetary review. Here are 4 reasons why the RBI will not… Continue reading “RBI Rate Cuts”

Don’t Let Taxes Drive Your Decisions

A successful self trader – Rule # 45

It is a common belief that your investments should be tax-efficient. Remember, taxes should never ever drive your investment strategy. Investing should always be a risk-return trade-off. If you get tax benefits in the form of exemptions or lower tax rates, it is just the icing on the cake. The danger here is that a tax-based strategy can lead to wrong allocation and bad investment decisions. Continue reading “Don’t Let Taxes Drive Your Decisions”