Key takeaways from the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) minutes leading up to the credit policy were published by the RBI on 22nd February 2017. The MPC minutes are critical because they give a deep insight into the thinking of the 6 MPC members and the evolution of the monetary stance of the RBI. While the RBI in its Feb 08th policy chose to maintain status quo on rates, the big news was that the RBI had shifted its monetary stance from “Accommodative” to “Neutral”. Here are the key takeaways from the minutes of the MPC meeting… Continue reading “Key takeaways from the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)”

Is Reliance Jio leading to a market re-rating for RIL?

The RIL price movement of 11% in a single day on 22nd February definitely took the markets by storm. The last time that the RIL stock showed this kind of an appreciation in price was in mid-May 2009 in the aftermath of the Congress led government being voted back to power by a near majority. That fact that this has happened after a gap of almost 8 years, shows that is surely special. There are 5 key questions to be answered here… Continue reading “Is Reliance Jio leading to a market re-rating for RIL?”

10 key takeaways from the TCS buyback announcement

The TCS buyback announcement was more a matter of when rather than whether? On 20th February the TCS board announced the buyback of 5.61 crore shares at a maximum price of Rs.2850/share. This will involve a total allocation of Rs.16,000 crore of cash from the company’s massive cash pile. That will surely gratify the shareholders and the media in the short term as they have been clamouring after large IT companies to reward shareholders with special dividends or buyback offers. Here are 10 key takeaways from the TCS buyback announcementContinue reading “10 key takeaways from the TCS buyback announcement”

Why the Infosys press conference was important…

In the light of the perceived differences between the founding members and the Board of Infosys, the company organized a press conference during the week to address the key concerns raised by the press and the social media channels. Prima facie, it does appear that a small issue of cultural differences has been exaggerated by the media out of context. Having said that; it needs to be appreciated that the promoters have done the right thing by raising red flags on key governance issues. For over 2 decades since its listing, Infosys has been known in the market for its high levels of transparency, disclosure and corporate governance. To the credit of the Infosys management, they have gone to great lengths during the press conference to address the key issues raised. Here are some of the important issues addressed in the press conference and also clarified… Continue reading “Why the Infosys press conference was important…”

The buck stops with you, and you alone

A successful self trader – Rule # 43

Whether you are trading or investing; the buck always stops with you. Once a decision is taken you need to take accountability for the same. You cannot pass on the blame to extraneous factors. It just doesn’t work that way. You need to answer 2 questions. Why do i want to buy at this price and why does someone else want to sell at this price. Once you grasp the other side, you can be fully answerable for your decisions. Continue reading “The buck stops with you, and you alone”