Stagnant Growth inspite of Surge in Brent Crude Prices?

Brent Crude prices have rallied sharply since the OPEC meeting on November 30th when oil quotas were agreed upon. However, after an 18% rally the oil prices have stagnated. Does oil really have much more steam left? Continue reading “Stagnant Growth inspite of Surge in Brent Crude Prices?”

Fed Rate Hike: The Impact will not be anything as Bad as Last Year

As the Fed hiked rates by 25 basis points on December 14th, it brought back memories of the last rate hike in December 2015 when the global markets lost nearly $12 trillion in terms of market capitalization. The question is whether such a scenario could replay again this time around. It is highly unlikely for 4 key reasons… Continue reading “Fed Rate Hike: The Impact will not be anything as Bad as Last Year”

Key Points that Follow from the US Fed Meet


Key Pointers Emanating from the Fed Funds Meet in December 2016…

  • The Fed in its December meet decided to hike the Fed Funds Rate by 25 basis points from the range of 0.25-0.50% to the new range of 0.50-0.75%. This rate hike comes a full 1 year after the rate was last hiked by 25 basis points in December 2015.

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RBI chooses to be Cautious inspite of Lower CPI Inflation


Key Takeaways from the CPI numbers…

Key Global Risks anticipated for 2017

In fact, risks could come from a variety of sources…

In a recent report, global investment bank, Nomura, has identified some key global risks for the year 2017. Here is a summary of the key risks perceived for the calendar year 2017… Continue reading “Key Global Risks anticipated for 2017”