Impact of Demonetization Across Different Sectors in India

It is already beginning to have its impact on India Inc…

The focus of the previous week was largely on the merits and demerits of the demonetization drive. This week was more of a reality check. Industry is already feeling the pain even as consumers find themselves check-mated in the process. Here are 4 major sectors that are impacted… Continue reading

Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: Could we see a greater shift out of monetary policy focus?

Could we see a greater shift out of monetary policy focus?

Over the last few weeks, there are 2 independent events that may be indicative of a larger paradigm shift that may be happening. Japan decided to focus on fiscal policy rather than monetary policy. Trump has already started talking about massive tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Is this shift towards fiscal policy for real? Continue reading

How India has kept its CPI & WPI inflation under control

Has India finally tamed the inflation demon?

The CPI and WPI numbers that came in during the week were a whiff of fresh air. CPI inflation at 4.20% is now already well below the RBI comfort level of 5%. The WPI inflation at 3.30% is also showing signs of tapering. There are broadly 4 issues to understand… Continue reading

Do your Home-work before Investing

A successful self trader – Rule # 41

Your financial advisor can guide you and your broker can advise you. But there is really no substitute for doing your own homework. I always insist that any trade or investment should be backed by your own homework. There are simple tests you can run like business prospects, solvency, profitability, growth, promoter holding and market liquidity. Remember, nobody made money with hot tips. Continue reading


A successful self trader – Rule # 40 

We all come across that over-enthusiastic analyst who wants to pass on a hot tip on which stock to buy and which to sell. Remember, nobody in the market ever made money with a hot tip. At least, not consistently! Sadly, most hot tips have a vested interest and are meant to fleece you while outwardly appearing to be seductive. So, let the next hot tip find its way into your dust bin. That’s where it belongs. Continue reading

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