Blame the start of Telecom Data Price War on Jio

A telecom data price war may have started and could get worse…

When Idea Cellular announced that it would cut data prices for high value customers, it was the beginning of a price war on data. The data segment of the telecom industry has not really seen a price war as in the voice segment. So, what exactly has triggered this price war in the data segment? Continue reading “Blame the start of Telecom Data Price War on Jio”

Recapitalizing Banks

Why the government may have an arduous task ahead…

The government has taken its first step towards bank recapitalization by allocating a sum of Rs.22,900 crore ($3 billion). But the monetary allocation may just be the beginning. The real challenge will be how the government is going to meet the shortfall. Continue reading “Recapitalizing Banks”


A successful self trader – Rule # 39

Ironic as it may sound, this is the biggest single challenge that investors will face. When you are wrong, you either average or stop out. But when you are right, you need to decide whether you should book out, hedge or hold on. This becomes critical because you don’t make profits every day. Therefore, when you are right, you should be able to extract the maximum value from the trade. How to do it? Continue reading “WHY TO HANG ON WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT”

FPI Investments

Why are Foreign Investors flocking back to India once again…?

FPIs have infused nearly $2 billion into the Indian markets during the month of July. Of course, half of these inflows were into debt but that still does not take away from the fact that India is surely attracting FII interest. There are 3 key reasons why India is seeing a spate of FII flows in the month of July. Continue reading “FPI Investments”

HDFC Raises Rs.3000 Crore Via Masala Bonds Issue

They could save a lot currency blushes for Indian companies…

The recent raising of Rs.3000 crore by HDFC through the issue of Masala Bonds has brought the spotlight back on this product. These products were permitted by RBI in September 2015 and HDFC has actually been the pioneer in raising money through Masala Bonds. So what exactly are these bonds and what are the advantages? Continue reading “HDFC Raises Rs.3000 Crore Via Masala Bonds Issue”