Budget 2016: Budget impact on indirect taxes and Companies

The biggest achievement of this budget is that it has been able to maintain the fiscal deficit target within its limits despite the twin pressures of higher outlays and greater investment. That is the big macro takeaway for companies. Many key sectors had some key expectations from the Union Budget and they need to be evaluated in this background. Continue reading

Budget 2016: Impact of Budget on Direct Taxes

The finance minister has been largely neutral on the direct taxes front. Here are some of the key changes that have been announced or where status quo has been maintained. Some of the key highlights are as follows: Continue reading

Budget 2016: Union Budget implications on the Macro Economy

From a macroeconomic perspective there are three themes that stand out in the Union Budget. Firstly, there is a huge allocation made in the budget to rural economy and basic infrastructure. Secondly, despite the pressures of higher outlays, OROP and 7CTC, the finance minister has still opted for fiscal prudence over fiscal license. Thirdly, bank recapitalization has disappointed with an allocation of just Rs.25,000 crore. Continue reading

Budget 2016: Expectations for Debt and Commodity Investors…

Apart from equity markets, the debt markets also have certain expectations from budget 2016. The commodity markets are yet to deliver on their promise and this budget could be critical for giving them the much needed prop. The last budget took the momentous decision of merging the Forward Markets Commission into SEBI to bring about better and more focused regulation of financial markets. Here are a few key expectations from the Union Budget this year… Continue reading

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