Equity MF AUM

The sharp rise in AUM is gratifying but also brings challenges…

The month of October 2017 saw new heights reached by Indian mutual funds in terms of assets under management (AUM). The overall MF industry touched an all time high AUM of Rs.21.40 trillion ($330 billion), of which nearly 1/3rd was in terms of equity fund collections. This sharp rise in equity AUM has created a real counterweight for the FPIs to the extent that FPI selling did not really have any negative impact on the Nifty levels. However, the question is why is this surge in equity MFS happening and whether it is sustainable?

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An Year after Demo

Truth is that the positives outweigh the negatives of demonetization

On November 09th, India completed a full one year since demonetization was implemented. While the ostensible reason for demonetization was the eradication of black money from the economy, the jury is still out on the subject. There have been negatives but there have been some bigger positives from demonetization. For the time being, we need to put the politics aside and purely focus on the economics…

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Twin Challenges

SMEs and Agriculture could be the 2 big challenges for Modi…

As the Modi government completes 3½ years in power, the preparations for the next general elections in 2019 are already underway. Along the way, there are going to be key state elections in Gujarat, Karnataka, and Rajasthan but the larger picture will be still focused on the general elections. As the discussion centers around its achievements on the economic front, there are two key challenges that the Indian economy will really have to contend with. These are problems we are intuitively aware of and the data has also been broadly suggestive of the problem. But the big worry is that both these have larger economic, social and political implications unless they are addressed on a war footing. The first pertains to agriculture and the second pertains to SMEs and small businesses…

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Stocks Market Analysis – Technical’s and Fundamentals

Broadly, there are two ways to approach the stock markets. There is the fundamental approach wherein you look at the inherent strengths of the company, evaluate its operating environment and then take a call on whether to buy or sell the stock. The other approach is a technical approach wherein you rely more on charts and patterns to take a view of markets. Let us understand these approaches a little better…

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Things you need to know about investing in ELSS

Equity linked savings schemes (ELSS) has emerged as a solid tax-saving avenue in the last few years. The reasons are not far to seek! ELSS combines the best of equity returns and tax savings giving a powerful post-tax performance. But here are a few things you need to be aware of an ELSS Continue reading

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