Infosys 3.0

When Vishal Sikka was appointed to the Infosys top job, it was broadly referred to as Infosys 2.0. The company had ruled the Indian IT scene for over 30 years riding on the back of the big IT outsourcing boom. That was passé. Global IT spending was increasingly tilting towards the digital space and the focus was shifting from BFSI to SMAC. Here SMAC referred to the heady combination of Social media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. So what exactly will be Infosys 3.0? Continue reading

What are penny stocks and precautions before investing in them

If you have been active in the stock markets you would have surely heard of the term called penny stocks. While there is no classic definition of penny stocks, they generally refer to stocks that typically quote at below par value (Rs.10). Sometimes even stocks quoting below Rs.20 are classified as penny stocks. Penny stocks are typically companies that are small in size or are hugely indebted. Many traders and speculators are quite active in penny stocks as they can yield substantial returns in a short span of time. For example it is very easy for a stock to move from Rs.8 to Rs.12. That is a 50% return and is almost like Reliance moving up from Rs.900 to Rs.1350. Obviously, the latter case is a lot more difficult in practice.

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Tips for breaking your bad financial habits

It is said that a habit is like a cable. You weave a thread of it each day and eventually, you cannot break it. As much as this true for your normal social habits, this is also true of your financial habits. In fact, one of the key reasons most investors fail to realize the full potential of financial planning is due to the negative impact of bad financial habits. Let us look at 7 such bad financial habits and how to break these habits

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